My first post

Ok, lets start this…

How do you start a blog? Hello? Who are talking to in your first blog post?

I imagine that this can be funny after some time blogging, when you read back your early times blogging.

Ok, so maybe I can talk about me, or may be better of what I’m doing here right now…

Its from several years ago that I’m in the so called blogosphere, but always as a visitor, or at least commenting some posts, thats all.. I always had the idea of writing my own blog, but the problem was the topis to write about.

One of my proposals for the new year was to create my own blog, and try to write something about the things I like, like mobile phones, Linux, power management, embedded boards like pandaboard, or may be something related to my professional life, like interesting queries or configuration of mysql databases, interesting features or tricks with Oracle ( you know, someone prefere to pay…) or maybe about technologies I never heard before.

I know it could be difficult to write about this differents subjects, but if this blog would be like my online image, I’m sorry but it is as it is… 🙂

Ok, as a first post I think its done. While writing this, I got the subject for my next post, the real first blog post: my recent masther thesis. The subject?

After the ads 😉