Jolla, Sailfish, Blackberry 10.. for a great 2013

Hello people,

Most of you already know that there are two companies trying to play a different game, and one of them is a finnish startup from formers exployee from nokia.

I´m talking about Jolla and also about Blackberry with its Blackberry 10 OS..

I´ve always have been a fan of linux for the desktop, and I´ve entered the world of mobile phones blogs at the times of Nokia 6600, then with the 6680 and so on… I had of course the nokia n900 with its Maemo OS that was epic for the time, and of course I have the last great nokia, the n9 with its Meego Harmattan OS that after one year continues to receive great reviews or comments.

I know that both iOS and Android are doing well, but I´m kind of bored to see al that people with iphones or androids out there. I have to admit that I do like new nokia´s lumias, specially the 920, but I think WP8 suffer the same problem of the previouos platforms.

For me those OS doesn´t offer all the control to the user, and I think an important feature that they haven´t been able to meet until the moment is multitasking, a needed feature at least for me at the time to choose a phone (that should be smart by its name;)).

I hope we will have more options in 2013 in terms of mobiles OS and I like the idea to have two proper Linux mobile OS, with Blackberry 10 and SailfishOS from Jolla.

These are some interesting videos of what I´m talking about, if you haven´t already heard of them.

I can only say… what a nice 2013 we will have in terms of mobile phones 😀

Article about Jolla in Il sole 24 ore:

Article on BBC about new Blackberry 10:


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